Laptop Cleaning Tips

Laptop Cleaning Tips

Basically, laptop computers are personal computers for mobile use. Regular cleaning of a laptop is very important to keep it running smooth and cool. Laptops are not as easy to open up and clean as desktops are, but still can be done. Before you start cleaning your laptop, make sure your laptop is turned off and unplugged. For cleaning a laptop you require special materials like microfiber cloth, Q-tips, electronic safe cleaner and manufacturer’s recommended liquid agent.

 Below mentioned are the Laptop cleaning tips

1.  First of all you have to purchase the cleaning items like a microfiber cloth, an electronic-safe cleaner and Q-tips. You can find these items in any electronic store who sells laptops or else you can purchase all these essential items separately from any grocery stores.

2.  Turn off your laptop before cleaning because you will be cleaning the various components of the laptop and using a liquid cleaner, so it is best to shut down your laptop for safety.

3. Spray a little safe cleaner on the laptop screen. Always remember not to spray too much liquid on the screen that it starts overflowing. Just spray a little amount of liquid to cover the screen only.

4. Now, rub the screen with the microfiber cloth in a circular motion. Doing so ensures that no streaks or marks are left on the screen. You may need to rub the cloth on a screen a lot, depending on how much liquid you have sprayed on it.

5. Spray the little liquid on the cleaning cloth and run the cloth over the keyboard and mouse pad of a laptop. By doing this you can easily remove marks or dirt and dust on the keyboard and also by gentle rubbing you can polish the keys of a keyboard to make them shiny.

6.Next step is to run the Q-tips over the gaps between the keys of a keyboard. This will remove the dirt and dust that has been accumulated between the keys of a keyboard.

7.  Lastly, clean the outside of the laptop using the spray and the cloth. The best way to clean your laptop is to spray the liquid on the cloth and run it all over the laptop. This will prevent the liquid from getting into any of the laptop sockets, such as the CD drive or USB ports.


Warnings and tips:

1.  If you are using your laptop daily, then it will get dirty quickly so clean your laptop regularly. Even if you don’t use your laptop daily, you should aim for a thorough cleaning once in a week.

2.  Always use a micro fiber cloth for computer cleaning. They are especially designed for computer monitors and laptop screens. Other cloths may leave scratches and streaks on the screen

3.  Do not use too much liquid as computer can be ruined by this. Always use a small amount of spray, spray it on the cloth instead of on the laptop directly to prevent damage.

Above mentioned are the laptop cleaning tips, you must keep all these points in mind while cleaning your laptop.