Scanner Cleaning Tips

Scanner Cleaning Tips


Scanners are very useful tool which makes it possible to create digital copies of all sort of physical documents or other objects. Dirty scanners may create distorted images, so it is very important to keep your scanner clean to ensure that the scanned images are of a high quality.





Flatbed scanners commonly become dirty with dust, hair and fingerprints.  When cleaning the glass of a scanner, you need to ensure that you don’t create any mark or scratch on it because they can affect the quality of the images that you scan into your computer. Also take care to avoid causing any damage to the glass of the scanner.


Below mentioned are the scanner’s cleaning tips:


1)      First of all gather all the cleaning materials like soft, lint free microfiber cloth and mild or non-streak glass cleaner.

2)      Then check the manufacturer’s manual, if they have provided some specific instructions of cleaning the scanner, then it is better to follow them.

3)      To clean the scanner first unplugs the power cord from the scanner.

4)      Spray the computer cleaning spray onto the cleaning cloth and wipe the cloth on the glass surface of a scanner in a circular motion to remove dust, dirt and smudges without leaving streaks.

5)      Wipe the glass until the spray cleaner evaporates from the glass and the surface of the scanner.

6)      Immediately wipe the glass and the surface of a scanner with a dry microfiber cloth to dry off any remaining moisture or residue.

7)      If you are not satisfied with the cleaning results, repeat the process again.

8)      Insert the USB cable and power cable back into their appropriate ports and then press the power switch to turn on the scanner.

9)      This process should be done after every three months if you want to save your scanner’s life.




1)      Avoid typical glass cleaning products, as they can leave streaks on your scanner’s bed.

2)      Do not spray cleaner directly on any part of the scanner.

3)      Do not use paper towels to wipe your scanner’s glass as they will leave dust on the scanner’s bed. Always use microfiber cloth or a lint free cleaning cloth to clean your scanner.

4)      Always use computer cleaning materials available from computer stores, electronic stores and art supply stores.

5)      You can also wish to keep your scanner in a scanner cover to prevent any dust from making its way inside.


If you are not taking care of your scanner properly it will become dirty over time and create flaws in your scan. Cleaning out the scanner is fairly quick and with some preventative care, you can make sure to keep your scanner working well for a long time. Above mentioned are some scanner’s cleaning tips and warnings. You must keep all these points in mind while cleaning your scanner. Also take care to avoid causing any damage to the glass of the scanner.