Printer Cleaning Tips

Printer Cleaning Tips


A computer printer is basically a computer peripheral device that produces a hard copy from data stored in a computer. A printer is used to print anything that you want, like pictures, documents or data. If you clean your printer on a regular basis, you will always get a clean and readable document. Regular cleaning will also helps in extending the lifetime of a printer. Cleaning the printer is usually needed in the winter and spring seasons because in the winter the air is dry and dust is attracted.






Below mentioned are the printers cleaning tips:


Inkjet Printer


An inkjet printer is a type of printer that creates digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper. Inkjet printers are one of the most popular printers because of its functionality and affordability. Inkjet printers are best for small to medium sized print jobs. For cleaning:


1)      First of all you need to collect some important materials like window cleaner, paper towels, printer oil, cotton swabs, and latex gloves.

2)      Now, wear the latex gloves on your hands to protect them from ink.

3)      Remove the ink cartridges from the inkjet printer and keep them aside.

4)      Turn off the printer, this is an important step.

5)      We will first clean the ink cartridges to remove any excess ink. For that, fold a paper towel and moisten it with a small amount of window cleaner or alcohol.

6)      Clean the print heads on the ink cartridges by gently wiping them on a paper towel. The goal is to remove excess ink that is built up on the outside of the cartridge.

7)       Some ink cartridges have a removable printer head. If this is the case, remove the printer head and clean it separately.

8)      Next step is to clean the ribbon. Printer ribbon is the long thin piece that connects to the box that holds the printer cartridges. For cleaning the ribbon take a paper towel and moisten it with window cleaner solution. Gently wipe away ink globs from the ribbon. Do it with utmost care because it is the most delicate part of the printer. If there is no ink on the ribbon, then there is no need to wipe it down.

9)      Now it’s time to clean the “home location” of cartridges. When the printer completes a document, the cartridges return to a location that is known as home location. Under this area, there can be a build-up of ink that has leaked out overtime. For cleaning that area you need a long wire or a pencil because it is difficult to use a paper towel and cleaning solution to clean this area. You can moisten a cotton swab with alcohol and mount it on the pencil and then gently wipe that area. This can take your extra time and more cotton swabs.

10)  Next step is to clean the bars of a printer. If required, place a couple of drops of printer oil on the bar.  (The bar that the printer cartridges slide back and forth on)

11)  Open up the back door of the printer and use a paper towel to wipe any ink that would be present on the rollers of the printer. Rollers basically feed the paper through the printer. This is the area that leaves smudges and streaks on the finished documents.


12)  To clean the exterior of the printer, moisten a paper towel with window cleaner and wipe it down.


13)  Once the printer is cleaned, reinsert the ink cartridges back to the printer and run a test document to check for any trouble areas.




Laser printer


 Laser printer is a high quality and most expensive machine than inkjet printer. It is ideal for business use because of its printing quality and efficient performance.  Laser printer can print in black, white and colors, but they are not ideal for printing photos. For cleaning


1)      First of all you need to collect some important materials like toner vacuum, toner cloth, cotton swabs, paint brush and latex gloves.

2)      Wear the latex gloves before you start cleaning your laser printer.

3)      Use instructions of manufacturer for cleaning your laser printer.

4)      Unplug and disconnect the printer from the computer.

5)      Open printer and gently remove toner cartridge or toner bottle.

6)      Now, use compressed air to remove dust and tonner powder from outer and inner side of laser printer.

7)      Use paint brush to remove dust from crevices.

8)      Take a clean cloth and clean body of computer.

9)      Avoid spraying any liquid agent near any holes on printer.

10)  Clean the tonner using paper towel and a brush to clean inside area of printer.

11)  Always cover your printer when not in use.


Above mentioned are inkjet and laser printer cleaning tips. Whatever printer you have, you must keep all these points in mind while cleaning your inkjet printer or laser printer.